3 Push-Ups Variations To Blast Your Body Into Shape

On the ground and give me 5!” Push-ups are the go-to exercise for any fitness fanatic. But we’re all so hooked on the usual, standard straight leg, straight back, and the repetitive drop and rise with our arms. But what would you do if I told you that there were three different push-ups that most people don’t know about but should? Yeah, you would go wild or something like that, I’m sure.

Single Leg Push-Ups

Based on its name, this exercise is as straight as they come. First, lift one leg straight out behind you while you do push-ups -make sure to keep your hips aligned. Then, complete the same amount for each side – you don’t want a 3-pack down one side of your tummy, trust me. The single-leg push-up variation helps build your core, allowing your general balance and stability.

I look forward to seeing stronger hamstrings, buttocks, and lower back.

T Push-Ups

Did someone say ‘tea’? Not quite, sorry. T push-ups are the solution to love handles that need a little shaving. All you need to do is get into the usual push-up position, then drop a little as you usually would, but here comes the twist – both literally and figuratively. When you press yourself back up, twist your body out so that one arm goes high and upright, making your abdomen face out. Then, after you’ve stretched yourself out, return to the normal position and repeat for the other side. So what is this good for, you wonder? Firstly it boosts your shoulder, arms, and triceps, but it tightens your tummy muscles and the muscles that rest under your armpits.

Shoulder Taps

Have you got a pair of shoulders? Great, you’re previously a step ahead of the rest. Get yourself started with the classical push-up pose, and then drop, but now when you rise, tap your shoulder with the adverse hand. Make sure to stand by sides with each push-up and not with each set of push-ups. This exercise is a godsend for your gist, for your wrists, oblique muscles, and triceps. Here’s the bonus – it’s excellent for coordination.

They’re Not Just Push-Ups

We all tend to give little trust to home workouts and save the luster for the gym. But when you’re in your home and you’re waiting for those veggies to grill in the oven, why not give yourself a physical boost with a series of these push-ups? Fifteen minutes is all it takes, but wait to see how much it provides!

There’s no shame in starting at the beginning! These exercises will help you build the strength desired for the more advanced variations.

Plus, anybody who’s done a good old-fashioned standard push-up knows that it provides a dynamite full-body workout all by itself.

Remember: Don’t pick an exercise except if you can pass a full range of movement. For example, scale it back if taking a push-up to the floor is too difficult.

Maybe try a modified push-up resting your knees on the floor or a wall push-up (both of which are explained below). Good luck!

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