10 Of The Cheapest Places To Visit In 2022

Don’t you have much money? You need to travel the world, or even wish to relocate, but you haven’t found the right place yet? Don’t worry. You don’t need to search anywhere else! One of the most common questions is where should I travel that’s not too expensive? So, here are our top ten choices for the cheapest destination in the world!


India is one of the cheapest places to travel to! Alongside breathtaking scenery and many sightseeing opportunities, India offers reasonable prices for food and rent. You’ll quickly rent an apartment there for only one hundred dollars/month! In India, you will do a lot with your limited amount of money.

South Africa

Most people find that their money stretches farther in South Africa than in other countries. The cost of living is much lower.
In South Africa, excellent weather, great beaches, and you’ll find an exotic array of adventures.


Ukraine is the 3rd cheapest country globally, and living there is around 70% cheaper than living in the USA. So it’s probably the most underrated travel destination in the east of Europe, So maybe make it a quick visit?


You have many choices in terms of surroundings in Kazakhstan. There are gorgeous mountains and other beautiful areas like Astana or Almaty, so it’s perfect if you prefer to travel through multiple sceneries inside one country! The cheapest sites have rent priced at two hundred dollars/month.
Speaking about mountains, let’s go to our next destination.


If you’re searching for somewhere to hike or enjoy serene lakes while traveling, look no further than Nepal. Of course, the Himalayas are the star of the show in this country. It also happens to be one of the cheapest places to stay!


With low wages earned throughout the country, Azerbaijan offers low rent at less than one hundred fifty dollars/month. If you’re visiting Azerbijan and have some spare time, see the Fire Temple of Baku, or Yanar Dag, the fire mountain with a continually burning flame!
We have got you covered with our next entry if you prefer a more tropical climate!


Mexico has a lot to offer, from Cozumel’s clear-blue waters to Cancun’s happening nightlife. Like Ukraine, your money stretches further if you’re not a local because pay rates are lower on average, which gives you a reasonable exchange rate for the local Pesos.

Dominican Republic

If you like the idea of the Caribbean and love to speak french, then look no further! The Dominican Republic has many French ex-pats who have flown over for a little more sun. This means the food is exquisite, and the culture is unique. And the prices aren’t bad either!
The next destination recently skyrocketed in popularity!…


Belize is a place where not much happens. Communities are friendly and supportive of each other. The beaches are breathtaking. So If you want some time to disconnect and meet actual people, then this is a good bet. The only thing that might put you off is the bad Wi-Fi, but that might give you your deserved break from your work.
The next one might not sound attractive at all.


A wonderful place where you can live for as little as one thousand dollars a month. It has excellent, low-cost healthcare and a rich and exciting culture to discover once you are there. Learn a bit of the Thai language from the locals, and you should be able to get by in this idyllic land.

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